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Wolters, Hagar, & Pratt Financial Planning, Inc. is dedicated to helping you secure your future, achieve your financial goals, and fulfill your personal dreams. Embracing a philosophy of wealth-building through sound Financial Planning principles, WHP Financial is focused on helping you achieve financial independence.

Each partner has over 30 years experience in the business of preparing Financial Plans for individuals, families and small businesses in San Diego and beyond. No matter what life stage you're in: new marriage, planning for college, selling a business, or retirement, WHP Financial can help you.

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Higher Education: College Saving and Funding Strategies

What We Do

Do you picture yourself owning a new home, growing your business, or retiring comfortably? A well-crafted Financial Plan can help you reach those goals. Do you need insurance? Or maybe want to establish a retirement savings plan for your small business. Each of these financial goals comes with a price tag attached, and that's where Financial Planning comes in.

What We Can Do For You

Market Volatility - Whose Fault?

By now, you've seen the headlines, full of scary-sounding words like rout and storm, plunge and crash. It's been quite some time since we've seen volatility like this. For investors who have grown accustomed to nothing but clear skies and calm seas, all these headlines might seem rather alarming. But in our experience, once you look at both why and how something works, it seems a lot less ominous. So let's examine the why and the how behind this new spate of volatility.

Find the Culprits