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Do you picture yourself owning a new home, growing your business, or retiring comfortably? You may have other goals that are important to you. Each of these financial goals comes with a price tag attached. That's where Financial Planning comes in.

We'll work with you to create challenging and exciting goals for you and your family, as we develop your personal Financial Plan.  Your goals may include:
•Saving and investing for retirement
•Saving and investing for college
•Establishing an emergency fund
•Providing for your family in the event of your death or disability
•Minimizing income or estate taxes

WHP Financial will help you prioritize your financial goals and set time frames for achieving them. We will implement strategies to address your current financial weaknesses and build on your strengths. We will also help you choose specific products and services tailored to meet your financial objectives. We will work with your accountant, attorney, or an estate planner, or will refer you to selected high-quality individuals we know, to help build your Financial Plan. For more information e-mail us at


Investment Planning:

 The Financial Planning process helps bring your goals to light. The investment planning process, if designed and followed properly, helps you achieve those goals.

Prior to accepting an account for management, we will ask you to complete our Investment Discovery Questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire and our extensive interviews help us determine the appropriate course of action with respect to your investment portfolio.  We prepare an Investment Policy Statement, a document that lays out your goals, investment objectives, fees, management constraints, and rebalancing interval for each portfolio we manage.

We believe your assets should be managed to accomplish your stated goals and objectives.  In order to manage your portfolio, we must consider not only your goals, but your understanding of and tolerance for risk. In addition, we must take into account current economic conditions, inflation, and your tax bracket, since real rate of return is after expenses, taxes, and inflation. 

Our Investment Committee meets frequently to review portfolios, manager performance, economic trends, and opportunities. You benefit from our experience managing client assets through many economic and investment cycles.

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Estate Planning:

Estate Planning is the process of developing and implementing a master plan to facilitate the distribution of what you own, during your life, after your death, and according to your goals and objectives. Estate means everything you own; everyone has one. An Estate's total value may be large or more modest; either way, planning can help. In fact, it may be more important for smaller estates because the final expenses will have a much greater impact. Wasting even a single asset may cause your loved ones to suffer from a lack of financial resources.

Your master plan can consist of strategies that are simple and inexpensive to implement (e.g. a will or life insurance). If your estate is large, the estate planning process can be more complex and expensive. Implementing most strategies will probably require you to hire professional help of some kind: an attorney, accountant, trust officer, or an insurance agent, for example. We work with your advisors to coordinate your estate plan with your Financial Plan.

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Retirement Planning:

 Although most of us recognize the importance of sound retirement planning, few of us embrace the nitty-gritty work involved. With thousands of investment possibilities, complex rules governing a retirement plan, and many other things, most people don't even know where to begin. At WHP Financial we can help you determine your retirement income needs, figure out how much you'll need to save, build your retirement fund, and help you use the right saving tools.

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Education Planning:

 Planning for a child's education is probably one of the most important goals one has as a parent. Additionally, college education can be an expensive prospect, likely ranking just below a house in terms of big-ticket items one will purchase in their lifetime. That's why it's so important to plan for college expenses, just as one would plan for their retirement or a home.

Educational planning involves designing an investment strategy to address your family's educational needs. Specifically, it involves forecasting what those needs will be and helping create a plan to satisfy those needs. At WHP Financial, we take into consideration how much time until the start date, if the goal is either public or private school, the investment returns needed to achieve the required capital and if a family qualifies for any type of financial aid. We can help you plan accordingly so that you will be ready for the next stage of your child or grandchild's educational growth. It's important to begin saving early to reduce the initial funds required by taking advantage of the power of compounding over time.

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Insurance Planning:

 You got where you are today by working hard and working smart. This means using all your resources to their maximum. Your time, talent, and resources are on the line and at risk. It is imperative that your financial and estate plan takes into consideration the risks that you, your family, and your business cannot afford to take.

 In a portfolio, you diversify risk, but when it comes to protecting your ability to think, earn money, plan and create, how do you react? To protect your family, business and assets, the risk to your abilities also must be diversified. An affordable and prudent method is through insurance. We are experts in helping those we serve, protect what they care about:
•Life Insurance
•Life Insurance Quote
•Disability Insurance
•Long Term Care Insurance

Without the proper amount of coverage, a Financial or Estate Plan may fail, leaving you and your family with many unmet dreams and goals, potentially causing financial devastation!

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